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The Pro's and Con's of buying or selling over the Holidays

Should you wait until after the Holidays to list your home? If listed before the holiday season, should you leave your home on the market or take it off?




  • The buyers who are activelty looking for a new home at this time of year tend to be more serious about buying.
  • Being on the market during the holiday season means you'll face less competition from other sellers; you'll benefit from increased exposure at this time of year.
  • Between the seasonal lights, decorations and scents, your home may feel more welcoming and look more appealing and show better during the holidays than at any other time of the year.




  • Prospective buyers might assume that homeowners selling during the holidays are desperate to sell and as a result may lower their offer price accordingly.
  • Accomodating showings and keeping your house neat and clean can be difficult enough at any time of the year but during the holidays may be a bigger challenge.
  • With people taking time off and businesses closing during the holidays, it may take a little more effort to close the transaction in a timely manner.


Despit the holiday bustle, this can certainly be the mst wonderful time of the year to sell!


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